Feb 11, 2008

Who are The Culprits of 'Jalsa' Audio Leakage?

This has become a sensation in the film industry, the news of the audio of the film 'Jalsa' starring Pawan Kalyan and the songs freely being circlated on the net is quite revolutionary. The enquiry has started and the makers have begun to come into their preliminary conclusions. Inside sources reveal that there can only be two means through which this can be leaked.

While one source can be the orchestra assistants along with the music director who are present in the recording theatre for the composition of songs and there is a very high chance that the tunes may have been flicked from that place. The second in the list is mostly the assistant directors section who has the access to the CDs which are required during the shoot of the film. There is a chance that one of them may have let the cat out of the bag.

All said and done, the act of piracy per se is a very condemnable thing and one must look at the plight of music companies like Aditya Audio who spent an astronomical 90 lakhs for the audio rights of this particular film. It is essential that every cinemagoer abides by certain basic ethics and help prevent piracy and such shameful acts.

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