Feb 9, 2008

Welcome For Anti-Chiru Group!

Uday Kiran Gets Call from Anti-Chiru Group!

Rajasekhar apparently appears to pool some among the film fraternity to join him in order to develop an apparent anti-Chiru group. He is welcoming his fans in big way (although they are small in number) and also entertaining new fans to stand with him. Gossips say that Rajasekhar is making calls for a few film artistes to bring them to his side. In the process, grapevine says Uday Kiran also received a call from Rajasekhar's end to join him. The response from Uday Kiran's side is not positive as per inside sources. It seems that he said that he is now way inclined towards politics.

Rajasekhar is now determined to gain as much publicity as well a support over the Chiru fans attack incident. He is also getting in touch with his supporters and sympathizers in the industry. Rajasekhar celebrated his birthday on Monday with some of his fans. He announced that he was serious about his political entry. He however is yet to make up his mind on which party to join. That's all a known story.

Rajasekhar is also keen to send out a signal that he is also from Andhra Pradesh. He said that he was born in Andhra Pradesh but later migrated to Chennai. Rajasekhar also disclosed that his father hailed from Chittoor and his mother is from Guntur.

Rajasekhar also explained the reason behind his poor Telugu. As he had to spend a major part of his formative years in Chennai, he was more used to speaking Tamil than Telugu. Rajashekar also wants to garner the support all anti-Chiru elements in the film industry and become their leader. We have to see who joins him.

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