Feb 13, 2008

Surya News Paper To Support Chiranjeevi

Mega Star Chiranjeevi

Nukarapu Surya Prakash Rao - Chairman, Surya

Suryaprakash Rao, the man who heads the daily Newspaper 'Surya 'is turning out to be an idol for the Backward Classes. This comes as a surprise considering the fact that he is a Velama and his activities which are focusing more on the projection of BCs is something worth thinking. The first look of the newspaper goes to show that he is all out for those who belong to the category and is more like a messiah to them.

It is heard that Surya News Paper is actually organizing political meets of the BCs every week in the remote areas of the state and makes it a point to increase their voice to its readers. Recently, when the TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu made a passing statement about a 33% reservation for the BCs in his manifesto and this was magnified to such a great extent by Rao that the item was covered to a large deal in the newspaper.

Politically, there are only two castes that have preferences – Kammas and Reddys. Now, with the possible arrival of Megastar Chiranjeevi into politics and sources close to him sending feelers about his agenda that he intends to get all the castes together matches very much with the ideology of Rao and inside discussions are of the opinion that he would be supporting Chiru to a great extent if he enters politics.