Feb 2, 2008

Shruti Haasan - Daughter Of Kamal Haasan And Sarika

Iam a bhelpuri of my parents!’

Shruti Haasan, the attractive daughter of Kamal Haasan and Sarika, is ready to make her debut in cinema soon

No! I don’t have light eyes like my mom,” declares Shruti Haasan, the elder daughter of actress Sarika and superstar Kamal Haasan, who turned 21 a few days ago. After two years of study at the Music School in Los Angeles, Shruti is happy to be home now. She thinks she’s a “bhelpuri” of her parents. And the best part of this bhelpuri, she adds, is her mind. “I feel it’s the most beautiful part of me,” says Shruti who is shooting with actor R Madhavan for a Tamil romantic thriller. A state-level athlete in her schooling days, Shruti loves to compose music.

Collaborating with Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy, she is busy composing music for her debut flick, while recording playback for some other films as well. “It’s like a dream come true. When my talents are noticed, it feels great. There’s so much to absorb and so much more melody to make,” admits the young actress and composer. Her father, the legendary Kamal Haasan, had objected to his daughter joining cinema years ago. But now, Shruti reveals, he is cool with her decision. “He says, ‘If you are happy doing it, I am with you.’ Mom has always been very supportive,” she adds. Her music teacher in LA had once complimented Shruti on her compositions and told her to thank her parents. “So I called up my dad and told him in jest, ‘Dad, you know, I am not a mistake.’ He replied, ‘You didn’t have to wait so many years for someone to tell you that, dear’.” Right now, Shruti is enthused by the Iron Maiden rock music concert in Mumbai. “I love to watch my favourite bands perform. And I am eager to launch my own compositions. Ah, there’s much to do to make my parents proud,” she says wistfully. Does her parents’ star power make her feel like a celebrity as well? “Not at all,” she says. Any boyfriends? “Umm... I think boys don’t really like me.” Boys or boy? “Would like it singular, definitely,” she giggles.


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