Feb 10, 2008

Sexy Kalamandir Calendar

The best-known name in sexy swimsuit calendars is undoubtedly Kingfisher. The Kingfisher calendar always makes news every year for the hottest and sexiest babes that are featured in it. It is also one of the most coveted calendars in the country. The top models vie with one another to bag a chance to feature in the calendar.

Now, the big textile showroom chain Kalamandir has come up with a similar calendar. The calendar features some of the sexiest woman on its colorful pages. The calendar is very much in demand and only a select few get a chance to lay their hands on it. Kalamandir is giving the calendar as a gift for many.

The demand for the calendar can be gauged by the fact that the calendar is now a hot commodity in the black market. After looking at the calendar and knowing that it ishard to get it, many are offering Rs 1000 and above to get that calendar from the fortunate few who bagged those. But none is getting ready to sell it off.

Kalamandir is well known for featuring all its models with their back facing the cameras. The face of the models is kept hidden and it has become a sort of an identity for Kalamandir. But this calendar has shown the faces of some models in it.

People's hearts are singing poems looking at the sexiest calendar.

"Eyebrows, lips and hips resemble Cupid's Sagittarius
Dames hitting arrows with assets those are curvaceous
As lusty lecherous arrows hit the spine
Erotic shivers reach the brain"

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