Feb 24, 2008

Proved As Flop Director Once Again

Giribabu's latest film 'Nee Sukhame Ne Morukunna' has turned out to be dull and tame. The story and the treatment are outdated. The film holds no interest to the viewer.

Giribabu has come up with a film as a director after a long gap. But he proved yet again that he is not suited for direction.

The film released with big ads saying that the film is from a hit director who gave such blockbuster movies like Devatalara Deevinchandi, Simha Garjana, Merupudadi, Muddu Muchchata. What is little known is that all these films are actually big flops. But the advertisement claims them to be big hits.

Giribabu is looking quite young and healthy. He would do well to stick to what he is good at – acting. He should leave things like direction and production to others who are much more qualified.