Feb 15, 2008

Nagarjuna Talks About The Nandi Award

Idedicate this award to the three persons who made it possible. They are director Raghavendra Rao, writer J K Bharavi and music director M M Keeravani," Nagarjuna responded after Andhra Pradesh Government announced him Best Actor Award for Sri Ramadasu. He said he was fortunate to do such devotional films that touched the chord with the audiences.

"You don't get roles like Annamayya and Ramadasu everyday. I am really fortunate to do them,” he said.

This is your third Nandi. How do you feel winning it third time?

The real kick was when I bagged it for Annamayya. Wining first time always gives immense satisfaction. I won the first Nandi for Annamayya. And Santosham followed. Today, I get satisfaction from the fact that team work has paid off well and the film also succeeded commercially.

Will you continue doing devotional films?

Such dedicated team and well-researched projects should come, and then I don't mind.

You say the success of Sri Ramadasu belongs to the trio of Keeravani-Bharavi-Raghavendra Rao but none of them won any award!

I don't know why the committee did select them but I genuinely believe they deserve all the praise for its success. Today the film's music is being played in every household in Andhra Pradesh as well as abroad. The albums are being kept as collector's editions.

source: ఈనాడు