Feb 13, 2008

Mohan Babu Now Is In Dilemma

M ohan Babu Has Dual Tension Now!

Mohan Babu is now a bit worried. He made the film 'Krishnarjuna' with son Vishnu and Nagarjuna on his home production Lakshmi Prasanna films. He raised a lot of expectations in the media with careful leaks and some big publicity.

Despite all the hype and the big name of Nagarjuna, the film did not click at the box office. The film has opened very weakly with some mixed talk. The film, by all counts is a flop. But Mohan Babu is not ready to admit it.

He is now on a damage control exercise. He is now coming out and saying that the film is a youthful film and youth oriented etc. One fails to understand how the film is youth oriented.

Mohan Babu said sometime back that the Telugu audiences are very smart and they know what a good film is, and they always patronize good films.

With Krishnarjuna getting a flop talk, will Mohan Babu now agree with the judgment of the Telugu audience and admit that his film is a flop?

On the other hand, his new tension is about his second son Manoj Kumar's film 'Nenu Meeku Telusa'. The trailers are sending negative signals stating that the film is a copy from '50 first dates' and 'Satyabhama'.

Thus Mohan Babu has dual tension now.