Feb 14, 2008

Mohan Babu Is Now Unable To Take Quick Decisions

Mohan Babu's Flops Linked To Age-Related Problem

Is age catching up with Mohan Babu? Yes, if the recent happenings are to be taken into consideration. Mohan Babu is now unable to take quick decisions. He is also faltering in his judgment of films and star cast.

Mohan Babu is known as collection king and his name alone was sufficient to keep the box office cash registers ringing for days on end. Mohan Babu is no longer the same old dynamic and sharp person that he is so well known for.

Two directors were overheard discussing this at the film nagar cultural club. The two directors were very sympathetic with Mohan Babu. But at the same time, they were wondering if Mohan Babu was now suffering from dementia, the age related problem that leads to weakness in decision making.

His wrong judgment can be understood from his two recent projects. His 'Krishnarjuna' is an utter flop. He is also making a film 'Nenu Meeku Telusa?' with son Manoj as hero. Let us see if he proves he is still active in decision making with this film.