Feb 12, 2008

Dark Side Of Film Industry

It's Kantha Rao's Son But Not Nagarjuna

Going back to the late 60s and turning back the wheel of time, if you remember the popular movie 'Sudigundalu' you will remember the great ANR and a talented young boy who is the subject of the film. Since some time, there has been a belief among many that the boy who played the young role was none other than Yuvasamrat Nagarjuna and that was going strong for a very long time.

However, the truth is it is not Nagarjuna but the son of great artist of those times Kantarao. His name is Raja. Though Kantarao has five children, it was only Raja who had an inclination towards acting which led him to act in another movie in 1968 along with his father in the film 'Evaru Monagadu'. But from then on, he went into oblivion and now it is heard that he is leading a very ordinary middle class life just like anybody else. Not just Raja but even his father, who was known for his roles as king and a spirited warrior with swords, is leading pretty much the same life.

This is a classic example of the dark side which lies behind the glitz and glamour of the silver screen and all those who shine may not become stars in real life.