Feb 21, 2008

Chiranjeevi's Campaigning Budget Through Donations!?

Chiranjeevi continues to maintain a complete silence about his political entry. But the media has been speculating about his 'imminent' political entry. The name of the party and possible symbols are all being discussed in special shows on TV and the newspapers.

Chiranjeevi's brother Nagababau is already preparing the groundwork silently by visiting several places in the state and meeting Chiranjeevi fans in secret. He is building up support for Chiranjeevi as well as taking several inputs for the proposed political party.

The biggest problems for any political party are funds. While established political parties have a well-set party machinery to mobilize funds for party activities and also during electioneering, new parties face a big problem.

Chiranjeevi plans to raise funds through donations of big businessmen from his community and some NRIs. An inside source reveals that Chiranjeevi himself will shell out only some from his own pocket and rest goes with funds from others for setting up the political party.

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Anonymous said...

give a table dipicting telugu heros giving donations for flood relief & calamities (From 1980 onwards).It shows their generocity.