Feb 21, 2008

Chakry has no dedication towards work

Chakry is a talented music director who is spoiling his career with his wrong attitude and casual approach towards work, he has no dedication towards work and takes everything for granted and easy. Though he has bright future he is ruining it with his behavior and work culture. Now he has a very bad name in the industry that he can't be relayed. He never delivers works on time of late he has turned out to be a big boozer. He is seen with liquor bottle one after the other in the day as well as in the nights. He composes the music only in late nights having consumed some pegs. Quality of composition is drastically dropping thus resulting in lot of tension to producers and directors with his unprofessional nature and attitude. Nagaram producer had hell time in getting works done from him as Chakri didn't stick to deadline and delayed works for over 10 days causing trouble to unit members, film release date was delayed just because of this is said by film nagar sources.