Jan 9, 2008

CHIRANJEEVI Family Politics

Mega star Chiranjeevi's proposed political party will be nothing more than a "dynastic rule" like that of the Telugu Desam and the Congress. There will be no democratic procedures in the film actor's political party as and when it is announced. To begin with, Chiranjeevi's political party will be led by 1) the film actor himself, 2) his younger brothers, 3) his son and above all 4) his brother-on-law. Since all these five people are from the film industry, they all will participate in the election campaign and in public meetings to popularize the new political party, in case it is formed at all.

The top five positions in Chiranjeevi's party will be occupied by himself, his brothers, his son and his brother-in-law. So anyone who wants to occupy an important position in the new political party will have to be contented with positions down No. 5. If Chiranjeevi wants to keep his son away from politics for the time being, then the outsider, who will be the luckiest one, will have to accept the position No. 5.

And this is precisely the reason why Chiranjeevi is not getting the backing he needed from his own caste leaders or from seasoned politicians. They do not want to play second fiddle (in fact it is the fifth fiddle) to Chiranjeevi. Unless Chiranjeevi announces that he will keep his family away from the new political party, in case he chooses to announce one, there will be no political future for the film star's outfit.

People are already fed up with family rule in the Congress and the Telugu Desam. The TRS leadership is also treading the path of the Congress and KCR has brought his son to succeed him.

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