Jan 30, 2008

Balakrishna Questioned To YVS Chowdary

Though hero, Balakrishna is making tall claims about the response of the film in public, he is totally unhappy with the turnout. He is blaming it on YVS Chowdary for the failure. Balaiah told his close friends that he had Okayed the story in its synoptic form. He swore he hadn't heard the story in scenic order.

Baliah is now with the opinion that the story is spice less. Chintapalli Ramana, the dialogue writer, couldn't pack the dialogues with the required punch.

The much publicized dialogue, 'Lakhshalo Okkanni.. Lakshamandiki Okkanni'( I am one among a lakh people. But I can be a match to the lakh of people). When Balaiah modulates, the dialogue couldn't evoke the expected response from audience, Balaiah strongly believes.

At the outset, the entirety of the film dampened the spirit of Balaiah's fans.

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