Dec 28, 2007

YVS Choudary Ignored Balayya Fans Request

A few days back the fans of Balayya were worried for a dialogue in the film 'Okka Magaadu' where he says that he is 'one in lakhs and one for lakhs'. The fans asked YVS Choudary to change that dialogue as 'one in crores and one for crores' and reported that. But inside sources say that YVS Choudary ignored that request from fans as it is difficult now to change that for two reasons.

One is the dubbing part is completed by Balakrishna and he has to pull him again to dubbing theatre for that single dialogue. The other aspect is that the dialogue in the film appears on screen not just for one time. And above all, the lip sinking and timing also wouldn't match and YVS is concerned about that.

So, for this time, the fans have to compromise with a lakh! Well, what is there in a crore! Even it can be called in terms of lakhs as 100 lakhs. Inside source say that the film come up very well and it would certainly be a treat for all the fans of Balayya.

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