Dec 11, 2007

Tollywood Actor Nitin Interview

Having enamoured the audience with his boyish charm with the blockbuster Jayam in 2002, Nitin still remains the quintessential boy- next-door in Tollywood. It's hard to believe that five years have gone by since he made his debut, and Nitin has had his share of ups and downs. He hadn't had a hit since Sye in 2004, and naysayers were up in arms with their doomsday predictions. Not the one for many words, Nitin silenced his critics with an exuberant performance in Takkari, which is going great guns at the BO.

The look says it all:

The most noticeable changes in Takkari have been his new all muscle look, with rippling biceps, pierced lips, coloured hair…et al. However, the actor feels it is a part of the job. "A few years ago it was unimaginable to see actors without a moustache, but the audience expectations have changed with time. The audience see Hollywood actors and Bollywood actors showing off their chiselled bodies and they expect Tollywood stars to look the same," says Nitin. Stressing on the need to experiment with the look, he says, "If you look at the man on the street, you will find that he does not look the same for very long and the same applies to actors who are expected to make style statements."

Dancing star:

Nitin's acting potential was never in question but when it came to matters of dance and stunts, he was lagging behind, but not any more. He has surprised many with his energetic movements and stunts in his latest release. "Well, I had to work very hard on my dance especially. Song and dance are essential ingredients of Telugu cinema so you have to always raise the standards. Director, Amma Rajasekhar is a dance master himself and the credit must go to him. I believe it is another valuable addition to my repertoire as a performer. As an actor it is important to keep improving, lest you get repetitive," says Nitin.

Evolving industry:

The last decade has seen many new actors make their mark in Tollywood. Especially with the big four Chiru, Nag, Venky and Balakrishna in the mature phases of their careers, the competition is hotting up for successors to their legacy. However, Nitin refuses to be in the race and feels that the star rating will be redundant soon. "With international markets opening up, it is no longer an issue as to who will be number one. The industry is in transition and if you have to stay in business, scripts will have to be written with the markets in mind and not just star power. In the future we will see more of this.There will be space for anyone who can come up with something interesting," says Nitin.

Dream woman:

His boyish looks are a big hit with the women but he has managed to stay blemishless as far as link-ups are concerned, giving him a squeaky clean image.The actor laughs it off saying, "Well I have not had many romantic run-ins. May be it's been my lucky charm. I'll let it be that way."

However he is quick to add, "I do not expect many frills from my woman. I would like her to be true to herself and be like any normal girl." Now that must be very heartening for all his female fans.