Dec 12, 2007

Thanks To Media , Chiranjeevi Gets A Script !

Getting right script for any hero who has mass image is a tough task. But Chiranjeevi this time need not have to worry about. Even before he think of doing his next film, our over enthusiastic media is providing him from director, casting, writers and also a bounded script. Not to forget also suitable titles.

A leading English newspaper wrote that Chiru's next is based on Assam's former Chief Minister Prafulla Kumar Mohanta and gave the film's basic plot line. Wow!. So stars now need to hire script writers! The newspaper also suggested two titles.

Another news channel went on giving heroine's names, and some 'important scenes' in megastar's next film.

These days, it seems, everything is offered on a platter for Chiru by media - by giving names to his 'proposed political party' to script for his '150th film' (yes, that newspaper mentioned that Chiru's next is 150th film where as he has done only 148 films so far). & Photo