Dec 14, 2007

Telugu cinema Kurkure

Telugu cinema Kurkure (Bhuvaneswari & Duvvasi Mohan)

Its not Bheja Fry, It’s Kurukure

There are reports in media that a Telugu film is being made on the lines of Bheja Fry. When contacted director Junaid clarified that his debut film is not based on Bheja Fry. This film ‘Kurukure’ is centered around the character played by Bhubaneswar (a vamp in Telugu films). Duvvasi Mohan - a small time comedian - is doing the male lead in this film. Venkat produces this film on RR Movie makers that produced films like Hungama and Samanyudu. Director Ravi C Kumar is providing story and dialogues for this film. Junaid who excelled in the fields of trailer cutting and color grading (Prime Focus) is making his debut as director with this film.

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