Dec 17, 2007

Nithin's Risky College Days

Actor Nithin said that he liked the film 'Happy Days' and could identify himself in the film. He said that college days stand unforgettable for many and there will be lot of spirit in them. Nithin shared about his college days freshly in a brief interview.

He said, "My house and college are very close by. One can see my house from my college. I can be visible for my lecturers if I were at home. But still I used to bunk the college daringly. That's risky indeed. But I like taking risks and they appear thrilling while taking and funny later. Every moment of my college day was interesting. I miss a lot of fun".

He said that he loves working in college oriented subjects. As 'Happy Days' is on cloud-9 many films of that sort are under production and proposals now. Let us see if Nithin will be pulled in by any.

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