Dec 18, 2007

Narayana Murthy's Errasamudram in February

Red Star R.Narayana Murthy's new film titled Erra Samudram,

(Red Sea) is getting ready for its post-production works to have an early release in February. Made on Snehachitra Pictures, the film stars Narayana Murthy in a power character fighting for justice to farmers and the underprivileged. A media briefing was held today at Film Chamber building, attended by RNM and Paruchuri Brothers. The film underwent extensive shooting in Visakhapatnam, Devipatnam, Kakinada and surrounding areas in Godavari districts. Highlight of the film is introducing of theatre artistes from some of the lead groups, mainly Paruchuri Raghubabu Nataka Parishad.

Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao said: "Narayana Murthy is like famed communist leader Puchhalapalli Sundaraiah, who lived for his principles. What he preaches, he practices. We are moved at the gesture of Narayana Murthy towards the welfare of the theatre artistes, giving new dimension to their livelihood with introduction to the film industry. Actually, we thought of fielding him as hero in our film Chalicheemalu. But, it couldn't happen. We are happy RNM has become a popular director with huge fan following and public credibility."

Paruchuri Gopalakrishna said: "I knew RNM since two and half decades. One day he came to me, greeted me, for the dialogue we wrote for NTR in Chandasasanudu, which held socialism in esteem. From that day, till this day, he proved himself to the be of the greatest followers of socialism."

RNM said that Erra Samudram was his 21st film in the lead. "I am not proud or arrogant to say that I have reached stardom with the blessings of the people and well-wishers in the film industry. I am my own star. I am king of my own kingdom. I found immense talent in the theatre artistes, and I believe that they would give a fine future to the film industry." Erra Samudram will soon be completing its shoot schedules and be releasing on February 7 th or 14th.

The Red Star appealed to the producers, directors and the industry elite: "Please encourage the Teluguness in our Telugu film industry. Let the heroines be our Telugu girls. In the face of globalization, we are taking in and lending out our ideas, technology and other aspects of filmmaking. But, it should not happen with our heroines. We should have perfect Bapu Bommalu in our films with our Telugu girls." An emotion-packed RNM rendered some revolutionary songs from his previous films. The popular number Em Pillo Eldhamosthava in Ardharatri Swatantram is being reintroduced with new lyrical notations.

Newly introduced theatre artistes: Jayasree, Madhu, Jagadeeswari, Sandhya, Vangapandu Prasada Rao, KB Anand, Mallesh, Sivannarayana, D. Appa Rao and others.

Story, screenplay, production and direction are by RNM. Camera by M. Prasad (debut), music by Vandemataram Srinivas; lyrics by Ashok Teja, Gorati Venkanna, Andesri and Vangapandu Prasada Rao.

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anna ne action super anna

siva said...

anna ne action super anna