Nov 17, 2007

Secret Behind Ntr's Makeover !

Actor NTR, who looked slim and trim in Yamadonga and who continues with the same figure, is always haunted by one question wherever he went. How did you get so slim? He always laughed away at such queries. There were even rumors that he took some therapy related to weight reduction.

Now, NTR himself chose to dispel public doubts about his mysterious physic since Yamadonga release. At the audio release function of Ali's film Tinnama Padukonnama Tellarinda (Just Eat, Sleep and Wake up), NTR said, pointing at the title of the film: "Before Yamadonga, I was just lazy. Just eating, sleeping and no exercise. But, I realized that it was not the life which I should lead. Suddenly, I reversed the trend. Hard exercise and concentration on profession helped me achieve the figure what I am today"-Telugu Cinemass.