Nov 11, 2007

Pearls Of Wisdom : Asin

Never lose faith seems to be the mantra for success according to Asin, who has herself endured a rough start to her career and grown from strength to strength and is now also acting opposite Aamir Khan in a Bollywood flick.

"Show-biz is a tough place to make a mark. So it is essential to believe in your ability to get where you want.

The path to success is laden with failures. My debut film, Narendran Magan Jayakanthan Vaaga was a disaster, but I persevered because deep down I knew one day I will make a mark. So that is what I would advise to upcoming artistes," says Asin.

Now that is a valuable piece of advice coming straight from the horse’s mouth. But many of her fans would say if you can look like that... it’s only a matter of time before you make it big.