Nov 11, 2007

The New Age Telugu Heroine !!!

What is fair and slim, not made in Andhra, speaks Telugu that sounds like English, refers to Hyderabad as second home, comes with a shelf life of 18 months or three movies, whichever is earlier and slips into oblivion before 36 months? The answer is Telugu heroine!

In the last 12 months, the Telugu movie industry was blitzed with over 18 new girls. Some of them have bagged a handful of offers within a week of the release, some may have to hang around for years to get the right break, and some may settle down for supporting roles and finally vanish without a trace.

However, the Telugu producers insist that the Mumbai girls need a pat on their back for all their enthusiasm and effort. They say, they are good looking, are prepared to slog (read, get themselves nipped and tucked) and are more professional than the kind you get in mana Hyderabad.

A modelling stint is the first qualification that Telugu producers look for. “If they are from Mumbai, it usually means they are here on a specific purpose and have fewer diversions (like family, love life etc) than the local girls. Also, they are good with PR skills. So, when the press approaches my heroine, she will give them the best shots and do some soft PR for our movie while doing the interviews. These things lack in the Hyderabadi girls who revert to the producer for every little thing," says a producer who has introduced half a dozen new faces to the Telugu film industry.

Four out of five Telugu heroines have the same CV. Modelling in Mumbai, spotted by Telugu producer/director, break with a upcoming hero. If the debut is a hit, she is deluged with offers. If it is not, she is stuck with second grade roles.

Even directors like Shekar Kammula who prefer to hire local talent had to opt for Kamalini Mukherjee in Anand though he wanted to cast a Telugu girl. For his latest movie Happy Days, he had to struggle to get the right heroine. He confessed that most girls were not willing to work because of the kind of image the industry has. However, a few who survived it all to become the faces of the future are right here.


DEBUT: Evaru Athagadu
BIO: Malayali girl from Bangalore. Started off with modelling, Tamil movies.
LATEST : Yamadonga with NTR and Nava Vasantam with Tarun.


DEBUT: Yamadonga
BIO: Again a Malayali girl brought up in Bahrain. Was a model before she did movies. She is also a playback singer.
LATEST : Yamadonga with NTR and Rakhi as playback singer.


DEBUT: Lakshmikalyanam with Kalyan Ram
BIO: Modelling, movies down South followed by a break with Teja cinema
LATEST : Chandamama and now Kalidas is in the making.


DEBUT: Okkadunnadu opposite Gopichand
BIO: She’s the chic in the shampoo ad, and the naughty girl giving out bank loans.
LATEST : Viyyalavari Kayyalu and touted to be the one who can replace Ileana in her oomph.


DEBUT: Bhagyalakshmi Bumperdraw
BIO: Model, choreographer, nutrition expert, fitness trainer, rock climber, paraglider...
LATEST : Seema Shastri opposite Aryan Rajesh


DEBUT: Vennela opposite Raja
BIO: Bharatnatyam student and teacher. Started off with modelling, graduated to music videos and then movies.
LATEST : As Amrapali in the English movie Buddha.


DEBUT: Item song in Shankardada Zindabad
BIO: Model, music video, item song, main lead
LATEST : Mysamma IPS and tough competition to Rakhi Sawanth.