Oct 11, 2007

Tollywood Actor Venkatesh Interview

Tollywood actor Venkatesh is one of the few heroes who boast highest success rate. Especially his last two films - Lakshmi and Adavari Matalaku Arthale Verule (AMAV) set new records in his career. Now he brings another movie, Tulasi, to before us. Here he speaks about the film and much more..

About Tulasi:

Tulasi is family entertainer with emotional drama. After Lakshmi and AMAV, this is another drama packaged in right manner. You get to see good dosage of romance, sentiment like all in my films. High voltage action is new angle that you see in Tulasi.


I play Tulasi Ram. He is an architect in the movie but not much delves on that aspect. I look very silent but at the same time I am very violent. My character hails from Palnadu region and gets into problem. I fall in love with a beautiful girl Vasundhara played by Nayanatara.

On comparisons with Narasinha Naidu and Jayam Manadera..

You might find some shades but we are not dealing any factionism or that kind of aspect. Factionism is just an touch and go angle in the movie. It deals more about child sentiment, romance and family drama.

On putting lady oriented titles..

Tulasi is the plant revered by everyone in our household. It has positive vibes and the title has reached to the masses too. So we kept it as it is short from of character's name in the movie.

Child sentiment:

The big difference between my other films and Tulasi is that it has more drama and commercial angles. Child sentiment is another slant that is interesting. The chemistry between the kid and me was so good. As I have a son similar of his age now, it has become easy to portray that bond. And the boy was so cute that it everyone likes this thread immensely easily.

Working with Boyapati:

Director Boyapati Srinivas had worked as assistant to my films such as Pavithra Bandham and Pelli Chesukundam. So I knew him for a long time and he event told me his first script and sought my advice. He blends commercial elements so well. Also he expresses clearly what he wants.

Working with Nayanatara second time..

It has been good experience. She is glamorous. We needed some one who exudes glam and performance. Nayanatara is apt for the film.

On doing films in compact budget:

I am not comfortable at high budgeted movies. Because I am very well aware the market that I have. I genuinely believe producers should get some 'money' from films.

Philosophy of life:

And I don't expect much from life now. "You first exert, then you submit. After that you exit and accept it." This is my philosophy.

Rana turning hero:

Yes, my brother Suresh Babu's son Rana is turning hero. But there is plenty of time for that. He suddenly expressed his desire. We will talk later about this.

What next?

Holidays with family. Nothing about my next film has been finalized yet.

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