Oct 23, 2007

Telugu Actor Prabhas Interview

Tollywood actor Prabhas, the screen heir of Rebel Star Krisham Raju, will celebrate his birthday today (October 23rd) with his fans coming from all over the state. This matured and young hero attributes his success as an established artiste to the love and affection of his fans. At the same time, he is frank enough to accept the drawbacks in his career. At a time when no hero is ready to accept even the worst flop, Prabhas admits: Pournami is a flop. Chakram is a flop. Even Yogi too. Munna is just average.

Excerpts from Chitchat with Prabhas:

Q. Everyone wants to take crucial decision on Vijayadasami? What about you?

I have always preferred a silent life minding my own business. I am far away from day-to-day developments in the industry. Coming to films, I want to do films which ntertain the audience and bring cash to the producer.

Q. Mostly, your movies are action-packed. Why?

Yes. I like stunts. At the same time, I like them to be realistic to the maximum extent. I don’t like putting on wires and jumping from heights. Generally, it doesn’t happen in real life. It is cinema. When people like it, we are helpless. We must do it. Why only action movies? I also did Chakram to overcome the hangover of stunts. It miserably failed. I realized a successful movie should have all elements.

Q. Do you have any special liking for mother-sentiment?

It’s not like that. Several of my films have mother-sentiment. Except Chatrapathi, the rest were flops. I can say, they have failed our expectations. Overdose of crying and serious mood don’t work out for the present audience. To be frank, I don’t like sentimental movies.

Q. Categorize your films. Which are the best and which are the worst?

Chatrapati remains the best film. Films which had let me down have also made their contribution to my career. People liked my action; they recognized the hero in me. After Chatrapati, I shouldn’t have done the films with so much of mother-sentiment. Yogi should have come after the release of Munna. Pournami is a misadventure. Anyways, Yogi gave me a lot of happiness. It was because of the friendly ambience on the sets.

Q. What you think is the right way for selection of stories?

I concentrate on the variety in a subject. I also want uniqueness in the style of narration and direction. Each time, I prefer to change my own characterization. It should not be like a carried over subject from one film to the other.

Q. You worked with big and popular directors. It is your yardstick to do films only with such rank?

Certainly not. I shall not go to any director with a request to direct me. But, I consider it a great opportunity to me, having worked with them at a very early stage in my career. Please note. I worked with a debut director Vamsi Paidipalli. In future too, I do invite young and talented technicians.

Q. It is heard you might do a film on Vishwamitra. Is it right?

Of course. Pedananna (Krishnamraju) is planning one such film. The feel among the public is getting thicker and thicker after SS Rajamouli made my photograph as Viswamitra the logo for his home banner. I am thankful to him. I am also asked whether I am doing a sequel or remake of Brahamanna, yesteryears film of Pedananna. It is a very difficult subject for me. I may or may not bring justice to the role. Only Pedananna can do it. I also wanted to do a film like Baktha Kannappa. We need great technicians like Bapu to do such films. Yes. I might do a mythological film in future. A movie starring myself and Pedananna is coming up next year.

Q. Your favorite film?

It is Geetanjali. It is sentimental! The story was good.

Q. What about your current film – Bujjigadu?

It is a complete family entertainer. I can’t say more than that. The shoot is yet to commence.

Q. Your opinion about Love Marriage?

There is nothing wrong in it.

Q. When are you going to marry?

It takes time. Annayya should get married first.

Q. Your favorite heroine?


Q. But, why did you work with Trisha in three films?

She is the choice of my director. What should I do? (In lighter vein)

Q. Can we expect multi-starrer movies?

That is always a good subject. I invite them.,Photo


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