Oct 27, 2007

Surender Reddy Is A Calculated Director !

We have a director who works on calculations and statistics. He is Surender Reddy. He is very keen in every aspect of his approach while making a film and selecting a producer as well. Surender Reddy says, "I discuss story line with the producer and then explain the depth of each scene and the amount of films that has to be used for that. We go ahead only when the producer says yes".

This calculated Surender Reddy says, "I want to make a Hindi film shortly. Actually I was given a chance to direct the Hindi version of Athanokkadey. But due to dates problems I couldn't do that. I wish to get into Hindi production very soon. There are many ideas for me to produce films"-Telugu Cinemass.

Let us see if he takes the path of Ram Gopal Varma-hailing from AP but settling down in Bollywood.