Oct 5, 2007

Hero Prabhas To Do Bala's Film ?

Tamil director Bala earned a special place for himself with acclaimed films like Pithamagan (Shivaputhrudu) and Sethu (Seshu). Presently, he is making Naan Kadavul (Nene Devudni) with Gayam fame Arya as hero. Last year itself Bala announced that he would remake this film in Telugu with Prabhas as hero.

However, the film Naan Kadavul encountered unexpected difficulties in the process of production. Even before the shooting commenced, hero Ajit quit the project. Overcoming all hurdles, the film is now entering the final stages. Bala again stated that he would remake this film in Telugu with Prabhas-Telugu Cinemass.

Director Bala has a track record of showing the protagonists in his films in de-glamourised roles. Will Prabhas accept such a challenge? So far, there had been no confirmation from the actor's camp.