Oct 24, 2007

Dad Must Talk To Me : Srija

Srija, the runaway second daughter of Chiranjeevi wants her father to talk to her and her husband, Shirish, so that they could feel safe and reassured, paving their way to return home.

Srija said that she was confused why her father hadn't tried to get in touch with her. "If he could give statements to the media why not talk to us directly? I did expect a personal assurance from him that the marriage is accepted and there will be no more threats to us," Srija said.

"When he offered his blessings to me, he did not in any way indicate that he was approving my choice of marrying Shirish. Then how will I be sure that everything will be fine when I go home?" she asked.

Shirish is worried about the trouble his friends and their relatives had to go through for helping him. A little disturbed, he asked why the police took many of his friends into custody though no complaint was registered by Chiranjeevi or any other member of the star's family.

For the couple the priority is the coming together of the two families. "Though I want my father to talk to me, my priority is to pursue him to talk to my in-laws. If he gets in touch with them he will realise that my choice is correct. They are such good people," she said.

Srija said that she talked to her in-laws on Tuesday morning and they have accepted her as their daughter-in-law. Obtaining acceptance from Shirish's family is wonderful because it brought down a lot of pressure, she said-Telugu Cinemass.

The 18-year-old daughter of Chiranjeevi said that she is looking forward to going to her husband's home when everything settles down. "Nobody wishes to be away from home. I would really want to come home if our lives are secure. But I am really happy to be with Shirish."