Sep 30, 2007

Will Actress Ileana Agree To Do A Film With Tarun ?

Telugu movie Producer Bellamkonda Suresh is planning a big film. He has brought in director Vijaya Bhaskar and hero Tarun (the duo which delivered Nuvve Kavali) together for a new film. Vijay Bhaskar who was supposed to direct a film for Mohan Babu - Vishnu and later for producer Manjula seems to be running from one producer to the other. Presently, this combination is under talks.

If this materializes, the movie might be launched next month. They are trying to rope in Ileana for the film. Illeana who has rejected many lucrative films on various grounds said to have quote a bomb for remuneration for this film. Will say yes to a Tarun movie? Wait and see-Telugu Cinemass.