Sep 3, 2007

" Don Is Not Told In Conventional Format " - Nagarjuna

Telugu actor Nagarjuna looked jolly on his birthday. He has turned 49 on August 29th. Later in the evening, his latest film Don's logo was released at Taj Deccan, Hyderabad. Directors K. Raghavendra Rao and B.Gopal unveiled the logo formally.

"Don" is produced by ML Kumar Chowdary on Sri Keerthi Creations banner and is directed by Lawrence Raghava.

Akkineni Amala, Chanti Addala , KS. Rama Rao, Abburi Rav, Jayabheri Kishore and others graced the occasion and poured out their birthday wishes to Nagarjuna.

Modern Robin Hood:

Nagarjuna spoke about the film to the media at the occasion responding a volley of questions served by journalists. He said his portrayal in the title role Don is similar to that of "Robin Hood".

"Don is not told in conventional format. Even the concept of Robin Hood is very modern and unique. It is not like robbing the rich and helping the poor. But, I play the role of helping all those who need my help. I always work for the betterment of people around me. Anushka comes only next to it," Nagajuna said about his character.

Mafia backdrop:

Revealing the basic plot of the movie, hero Nagarjuna informed that the movie is set in mafia backdrop. "There are two groups in the mafia - good and bad. Naturally, I belong to the good group. But, Lawrence made the entire film quite interesting with his dashing story, screenplay and direction. Another highlight is that Lawrence is thickly infested with the music sense. When I heard him humming some tunes, I thought it fit to post him as the music director. Once the audio is released, my statement would stand hundred percent justified."

Delay is because of Lawrence:

It has been a year since his last film, "Boss", made to the screens. When asked about the delay in Don's shooting, Nagarjuna blamed it on director Lawrence.

"He asked me three months time for screenplay. As my last film didn't well, I gave him enough to get better result. So he worked hard to get tight script. Both the director and producer are taking extraordinary care to bring the best film. Lawrence is working overtime in creating stylish visuals and blending it with entertainment."