Sep 24, 2007

Telugu Actress Ileana Interview


Spirited and beautiful, actress Ileana is literally going places. Besides being the top-notch actress in Tollywood, Ileana is also reportedly making her debut in Bollywood. And the icing on the cake is that she has been signed opposite latest heartthrob Shiney Ahuja. “Finally, I’ve made it to Bollywood. I have never been overzealous about my entry there. For me, the storyline is what matters and not the industry. But now since it’s happening, I’m only too happy.”

Naturally, she’s gung-ho about the movie, for which she’ll start shooting from next month. “I can’t divulge much details except that the film will be directed by debutante Indrajeet Lankesh.”

Since many actresses from Tollywood are joining the Bollywood brigade, where does she see herself? “I’m content with what I have. If others are also following suit, I’m happy for them too.”

Ileana’s delighted that the movie Pokiri has done extremely well. And she’s not complaining about Mahesh Babu stealing all the limelight.

She dismisses all talk about her not having much to do in the film. “Pokiri was Mahesh’s film. So there was no power struggle for me. I enjoyed shooting for it, liked working with Mahesh, and I am tremendously happy about it’s BO success. And unlike Mahesh, who seldom talks and is an introvert, I had a whale of time constantly chatting and doing masti on the sets.”

So, is she bidding adieu to Tollywood? “No. Never. Talks are on about some really impressive projects here. I’ve my fingers crossed.”

She describes her foray into Tollywood as a ‘serendipitous accident’, but nonetheless happy about it. “At 16, I was offered Dhairyam, a Telugu film, but it didn’t happen due to certain reasons. Later Raima Sen did this film with Nitin. I’m really proud about my film Rakhi. I feel I have given my best in the film.”

When we asked what tops her priority list, pat comes the reply, “The most vital thing in this world is unconditional love, which only family members can give. And without my small family, I’m no one.”

And if she’s not shooting, she loves “catching up on films on DVD or reading a Sidney Sheldon.”