Sep 26, 2007

Hero Vikram To Do A Straight Film In Telugu Soon !

Larsco Entertainments Sridhar said he has special admiration for Vikram. He attended the big launch of "Mallannaa" at Prasad Labs Preview theatre, Hyderabad. Sridhar brought a couple of Tirumala laddus and gave it to Vikram, saying: "The prasadam is specially brought here for you." Later, he spoke to the actor for about a couple of minutes. Suddenly, a buzz cropped up that Vikram will be doing a straight film for Sridhar and the film would start in February.

When asked about this, Vikram just smiled and didn't say anything. It is further maintained that C. Kalyan might join Sridhar in producing Vikram's straight Telugu venture, if the buzz is to be taken seriously. Coming months will tell how much salt is there in the talk-Telugu Cinemass.


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