Aug 27, 2007


Something indeed seems to be cooking between Tollywood actors Sneha & Raja.

Rumors ought to be treated as rumors. But when the people around whom rumors revolve choose to stay silent. It creates room for speculation. So far, many in the media circles have been speculating the relationship between Sneha and Raja.

First, there were reports of their ‘awesome chemistry’ on the sets of Giri Babu’s "Nee Sukhame Ne Korutunna" in which both are acting together. Then, there were canards of Raja’s sister Laxmi strongly approving of Sneha.

And now, on a party at local pub on Friday, those who attended the party witnessed the chemistry between Sneha & Raja.

Heed this. Sneha was reportedly among the first ones to arrive at the party and was among the last ones to leave at about 4 am. Her car was driven into Raja’s house.

And one of the guests who attended the party is quoted, “At the party, it was very obvious that Sneha and Raja are a couple. They seemed very much in liking, and danced together. It looks like they are finally becoming open about their relationship”-Telugu Cinemass.