Aug 6, 2007


Tamil star director Shankar puts rest to all the rumors.Here is what he has to say..

Is it true that you are directing a Hindi film?

Yes, my next film is Robot. It stars Shah Rukh Khan and his production company Red Chillies is producing it. I am starting very soon.

There were reports that you wanted to direct a film with Megastar Chiranjeevi?

I would love to direct Chiranjeevi. If time comes I will direct him.

When can we expect from a straight Telugu film from you?

Let's see when it happens but I promise I would surely make one in Telugu which I like immensely.

You have bagged most of the awards for your film, Veyil, as producer. How do you feel?

As a director, I won three Filmfare awards so far. This is the first time that I got as producer that makes me even happier. Veyil was the first Tamil film got screening at Cannes Film Festival. This encouragement and support makes to producer more films.


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Anonymous said...

Shankar has let down Tamil Industry by moving his science fiction project from Tamil to Hindi. Now bollywood will get the credits. And they will discriminate us.