Jul 12, 2007


Veteran yesteryear actor Sridhar died of cardiac arrest yesterday. He was admitted to Apollo hospital last week following chest pain. He was 68. He is a native of Kommuluru in Krishna district and his last rites would be performed there on Thursday. He is survived by his wife and three children.Sridhar acted in over 150 films during his three decade career. He shot to fame with the film "Muthyalamuggu" directed by Bapu. He was the hero of "Gorantha Deepam" which was also a big hit. Sridhar was a regular at one time in all Krihna movies. In Justice Choudhary he played the role of NTR’s son. The talented actor never lobbied for roles and was content with the offers that came his way.Sridhar is reported to have invested in real estate from his film career days in Chennai and was busy with real estate activities for the last 10 years.

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తాడేపల్లి బాలసుబ్రహ్మణ్యం said...


The fact that not even a single soul from amomg the so-called glitterati of Andhra's celluloid and political firmament has paid a simple lip-service to condole the demise of this talented hero, speaks volumes of the apathy and allegy these dirty people have acquired to humanitarian values, let alone the "Telugu feeling".

We, ordinary people too, as a society and civilization, have developed kind of brutal insensitivity to everything that has little to do with power equations and dominance.