Jun 24, 2007


Uday Kiran is trying to reach the pinnacle of glory again with "Viyyalavari Kayyalu". He was once heartthrob to lakhs of Telugu girls. But suddenly he went through rough patch both personally and professionally and his films became sporadic. Now he is matured. There is dash of confidence too. With renewed interest and enthusiasm, he is all set to woo us with Viyyalavari Kayyalu. As he turns a year older on June 26th.

How old you are?

I have completed 26 years. June 26th is my birthday.

How are you going to celebrate this birthday?

Nothing special and partying. It would be quite birthday.

You are making second innings with "Viyyalavari Kayyalu"…

(he cuts the question) Let us not call it second innings. Highs and lows are common in any field and every one goes through rough patch at one time or the other in their career. It is a cycle. You might get successes now and failures later. They come and go. I don’t want to call it as an 'innings'.

Okay, tell us more about this film, Viyyalavari Kayyalu !

This is very important project in my career. It has been two years since my last straight Telugu film, Aunanna Kadanna, released. I had listened to many stories in the last two years but I didn’t like them. I felt that there was monotony in my films in my last releases. I wanted to step away from being just romantic hero. I waited a right project to come my way. Even when producer Sridhar gaaru suggested two stories prior to this film, I didn’t like them. When director Sattibabu came with this storyline, I had immediately said yes as it is a complete film that caters to all audiences. Srihari and Shayaji Shinde (who is playing father to me) also have equal importance as much I do in the film.

It is not typical love story. Viyyalavari Kayyalu is like a Andhra Meals that has everything.

What is your role in the film?

I play a hair stylist. You don’t see me completely boy next door look. Mine is very stylized character in this film and very urbane.

But the film’s title is not that trendy?

The title itself tells what kind of film we are making – a complete family entertainer. Our producer has chosen this title because he wanted the title that aptly suits for the script. Also in the past, Superstar Krishna had a similar title and the film was also hit. Viyyalavari Kayyalu is not love story but ‘lovely story’. Thus the title was chosen.

You said you want to come out from the mould of a romantic hero image. That means you want plunge in to mass-oriented movies?

It is not that. In fact, you don’t get mass image just because you do one such film. It is a gradual process. If we see all our established top heroes of today – Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, Nagarjuna and Venkatesh – they have shaped up their career step by step. They didn’t get mass image with just one or two films. They are my inspiration. So I want to do varied films. I genuinely believe people in rural areas don’t recognize me. I have following among the urban audiences but I didn’t reach to the masses yet. I hope with films like Viyyalavari Kayyalu, I might be noticed by them.

Why did you jump into Tamil?

You can say, to increase my base. It is not that I jumped into the Tamil field when I am not getting offers here but with K Balachander sir’s offer (Poi in Tamil and dubbed into Telugu as Abaddam) that I stepped into Tamil. When my friends and other heroes in Telugu had learnt that I was doing KB’s film, they congratulated me wholeheartedly and said it was great chance. The film was not successful but I really cherish the experiences of doing that film. I feel fortunate enough to get acquainted with the great director.

Any other Tamil films?

I am just doing one which is under progress. The film’s name Vambu Sandai.

Last two years must have been a hell to you?

Everyone will have their own insecurities and fears. Yes, I did go throug very rough patch. But it was not that I didn’t get any offers at all. I felt that no one cares whether there was a gap in my career or not. Rather they want me to see in a quality film. So I took my own time. My first three films were silver jubilee hits. After that I was under pressure to do something. In the process I did mistakes. I have realized them.

Who do you blame for your troubles? Or was it just fate?

I don’t want to put it on fate and sidestep from my mistakes. I don’t blame anyone for my downfall. I tasted success at very early stage. At that time there was no one to guide me. Lack of experience, lack of support and lack of judgment are the reason for these troubles, I believe. I was not clever enough then to know the tactics.

So you have learnt tactics now?

I am still vulnerable but I am matured now. I don't repeat my mistakes.

There are rumors that you are distancing from media?

No. I like to be alone. When I am aloof and not interacting, they are mistaken that I am distancing with media folks. But there is nothing like that. Perhaps, in the last two years there was nothing important happened to meet the journalists regularly?

What are the films you have seen recently?

I liked Pokiri very much and then Bommarillu.

When is the marriage?

Not now. There is plenty of time for that . On personal side, there is nothing much happening