Jun 16, 2007


Rajinikanth is 58 years old but in Indian cinema the older a superstar gets, the younger his leading lady gets. On the day Rajini’s latest film Sivaji hit theatres, Shriya the leading lady of the film and the protagonist’s heartthrob, on what was it like to work with the Boss.

Rajini, the person:

He has a great sense of humour and is full of life. He is also very optimistic and always smiling. He has zero attitude and it was a treat working with him. There is so much to learn from him like the way he interacts with the staff, from the lightmen to the producer, everyone is equal for him.

Rajini, the actor:

The best part about him is that though he knows so much and also knows exactly what has to be done, he still gives in completely to the director.

Rajini, the icon:

It's different to just watch a movie for a star and it's different when people respect you and look upto you as God. It's really different when you become part of a fan's family. I was talking to a waiter in a hotel and he was telling me "for us it's me, my wife, two kids and Rajini sir.” That’s what makes him a superstar.

Rajini, the impact:

You know my driver in Mumbai is a Tamilian and he has gone to his village for 15 days because Sivaji's release is like a festival there. So, I am driverless because of my own movie. How interesting can life be!