Jun 5, 2007


Two weeks to go, but the hype surrounding the mega movie has already risen to the crescendo.

Yes folks, you have got it right, we are talking about the Rajnikant magnum opus, Sivaji .

The latest on the movie is that it has been given a U certificate by the Censor Board, according to the grapevine.

All that is known about the storyline is that Rajni plays a man who wants to do good for his country.

Heroine Shriya is a helper at a shop selling musical instruments. Tamilselvi, - that is Shirya's name in the film - falls in love with the hero and joins him in his do-good act.

She has done a fabulous job in the song sequences, oozing glamour. Particular mention is being made of the song, Vaaji, Vaaji.

Rajnikant's costumes have also come in for high appreciation. For the first time in his reel life, Rajni is said to come in 13 different costumes in a song sequence.

The movie is slated to be released in 350 to 400 theatres in Tamil Nadu and as many as 50 in Kerala. The theatres have already started showing a slick trailer of the mega movie.

Ratcheting up the glamour quotient is Nayantara who appears along with Rajni in the introductory song sequence.

All in all, the fans are all agog for the D-day - June 15, 2007. No film in history has had the kind of hype and hoopla that attends the release of ‘Sivaji’. Incidentally, Rajni's real name is Sivajirao Gaekwad!