May 21, 2007



The latest buzz:

I have lost 28 kilos in three months. I have turned 24. I've finished 14 movies so far. It feels great!

His mass image, onscreen:

is not a derogatory word. It is every star's dream to be a 'mass' hero. To be able to impress, appeal and attract the mass – the large numbers – is the most daunting task for any actor. I am glad I have that image and that simply means I have the ability to draw the crowds in big numbers, not just appeal to one section of audience. I love my image and I will move the world to keep it intact! I've got addicted to the adulation!

Mass image, off screen:

Most people, especially the English speaking crowds think I am rustic, rugged, tough and someone who has no clue about the finer things of life. I am a typical Hyderabadi. I love rock music and I can cook awesome Continental stuff. I love dogs, and have two powerful canines.

What fires the passion in him:

Newton's Third Law of Motion works best for me. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The more someone tries to hold me down, the faster and stronger I emerge. Being an outcaste in my own family for long has generated a fire in me that refuses to die. Today, I am someone my family is proud of. I have faced the toughest and most agonising moments of life like a man.

Who inspires him:

My grandfather, late NT Rama Rao. From being a man who barely owned an acre of land and starting off from a scratch in this industry, and making AP a proud state on the world map, to contributing to the movie industry, my tatagaru proved he is the stuff that legends are made of. I know I can never aspire to be like him. But for now, I can at least get inspired from him.

Being the hero with the most 'mass' :

I admit I was awfully huge and my waist was 36 till a few months ago. My biggest hits – Student no 1, Simhadri and Rakhi hit the screens when I was at my broadest. It just goes to prove that looks don't matter.

How flops affect him :

No, they don't. Really. If a flop movie decides my next role or movie, then I should not have got any more offers after flops like 'Naaga', 'Narasimhudu' or 'Subbu'. Movies are a process and a talented actor will always get his movies, whether or not his previous one was a hit of a flop.

His kind of girl:

She should be academic. A post-doctoral would be perfect. She need not know cooking. Sambar to chicken filled with mozzarella cheese, I can do it for her!