Jun 27, 2014

Queen South Remake Two Finalists

Two Finalists For Queen South Remake

We've heard the names of Samantha and Trisha a couple of days back provided with their image across South. But the not so dazzling stardom of Trisha might prove futile, while Samantha became a regular in all movies which might really shadow down Queen's box office chances.

Kollywood sources shared that they are thinking of Tamil siren Shruti Haasan as the best option for Queen remake, and if her dates are not available then they want to go with milky beauty Tamanna. We have to see who will grab it.

After rigorous brain storming, producer Tyagarajan and team has finally short listed two finalists for south remake of super hit 'Queen'. Bollywood's curly siren Kangana Ranaut has literally taken everyone by a surprise with this flick, so makers want someone who could emote more powerful to match that hot Gangster lady.

Both Shruti and Tamanna's innocent looks will suit this role of Rani, but what is to be seen how better they could outperform Kangana Ranaut. And if at all these two fail to allot dates, the makers blindly want to go with Anushka as Queen.