Mar 2, 2014

Kannada Actor Ambareesh Family Photos

The famous Kannada Actor Ambareesh admitted to hospital cause of the prevalence of respiratory failure

 Kannada Actor, Karnataka Housing Minister Amparis was suffered trouble breathing yesterday night. The family admitted him in the hospital Vikram, Vasanth Nagar. The doctors found that Gastrointestinal and respiratory failure by water in the stomach. So immediately he was transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU). He was given an artificial respiration now, heart, stomach and kidney disorder founded and three doctors have given him a treatment.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah visited in the hospital and saw him, but he was in sleep. So the CM inquired about his health to the doctors. Doctors said, he would return home after two days of treatment. Kannada actors and actresses came to the hospital to see him.

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