Jan 29, 2014

Actor Nithin Exclusive Interview

I need a one hour kiss to burn 3000 calories," read a promo line of Heart Attack which showed a lip lock between protagonists Nithiin and Adah Sharma.We are told that isn't just an outrageous publicity hook. "That kissing scene is the most important point of the movie. The entire movie revolves around it," informs Nithiin.

The actor admits to having had jitters about the scene from the moment he heard director Puri Jagannadh narrate it. "I loved the way Puri garu had envisioned the scene. But, I've never done a lip lock in my career and had reservations about it. I just did not have the courage to express my doubts to him," recalls the actor.

When the actor slyly suggested that it might drive away the family audiences from the theatres, director Puri saw his point. "He came up with a brilliant alternative where we did not exactly have to smooch, but the effect was just as dramatic," shares Nithiin, smiling.

The actor is quick to add that the movie is a "clean romantic entertainer". "It's an emotional love story and there aren't any traces of obscenity, innuendo or bloodshed whatsoever," says Nithiin. But the movie has been rated 'A' by the Censor Board much to the chagrin of the filmmakers.

"I'm shocked to say the least. Guess they have a mind of their own. Let the audience decide for themselves. I assure you it's a clean film and will make for a guilt-free family viewing," he guarantees. Puri Jagannadh is producing the movie under his new banner Puri Jagannadh Touring Talkies. Nithiin will be seen playing a hippy in the movie releasing worldwide on January 31.

"It's a very stylish character and a lot of thought has gone into styling. It's my most stylish avatar ever," explains the actor, who seems to have grown very fond of his long hair. "I've never had a ponytail in my life. It's first for me," he adds. The actor plays a hippy based in Spain,where he runs into Adah who is visiting the country. "Being a hippy, his take on love and romance are very unconventional.

But Adah is a proper Telugu girl and shares a different understanding of love. It's a love story between two opposites. The first half of the movie is set in Spain and then the action moves to Goa," says Nithiin,who is effusive in his praise for his co-star. "Puri auditioned over a 100 girls before zeroing in on Adah. There's an emotional scene in the bull ring and we had 10 minutes of sunlight left. She had a page long dialogue to deliver and I was skeptical. But she finished it in one take! She is a natural actor," he says.

It's the first time he is working with Puri Jagannadh and he seems to be in awe of the maverick director. "He is just the coolest director I've ever worked with. Nothing fazes him and I've never seen him lose his composure," he says, signing off.