Nov 6, 2013

Mahesh-Namrata Promote Heal-a-Child Cause

Most celebrity couples we know have come together at the most for promoting brands as brand ambassadors. Aishwarya and her celebrity husband Abhishek Bachchan in fact are charging as high as 30 crores to act for promoting a brand.

Here in Tollywood, we have an altogether different celebrity couple known for being kind and coming together to promote a cause, yes Mahesh and Namrata will join the list of few goodwill ambassadors among celebrities to support a great cause.

Mahesh and Namrata came forward to support a Hyderabad based NGO, Heal-a-Child (Tagline: Your Contribution & Prayer Counts) and generate funds for it.

The NGO has been providing medical assistance to the critically ill and sick children requiring medical treatment. Both Mahesh and Namrata have pledged to do their best and help some unfortunate underprivileged children.

That’s really sweet considering how valuable is brand Mahesh in showbiz today!