Nov 13, 2013

Mahesh Babu's cameo in Anushka's Rudramadevi?

Speculations about Mahesh Babu doing a cameo in director Gunasekhar's magnum opus Rudramadevi have been doing the rounds on the Internet for the last three months. Looks like those rumours weren't entirely baseless. It is reliably learnt that Mahesh has given the nod to make a special appearance in the film.

"Mahesh will be shooting for his part in December, after completing work for director Sukumar's 1 Nenokkadine," says a source close to the film's unit. Apparently, Gunasekhar was keen on having Mahesh Babu play Gona Ganna Reddy, a warrior prince who was instrumental in helping Rani Rudramadevi ascend to the throne of the Kakatiya Empire by suppressing uprisings by neighbouring kingdoms after the death of the then King Ganapathideva, ruler of the Kakatiya kingdom (Rudramadevi's father).

Known to be a fierce warrior and an able administrator who went to serve as minister under Rudramadevi's reign, Gona Ganna Reddy's character is touted to be "an action packed cameo role," in the movie. Gunasekhar, it is said, mentioned about the role to Mahesh when the two ran in to each other in London a couple of months ago. Finally, looks like Mahesh agreed to be a part of the movie with one rider — not to use his name for publicity as it was a minor role.

Well, that explains why the producers of the movie have maintained a stoic silence. The director did not respond to our query when contacted. We will have to wait and see if an official confirmation will be made on this. But one thing is for sure, Mahesh Babu's presence in the cast will surely generate greater hype around the movie and Mahesh's fans will be bracing up to see their favourite actor live up to his moniker, Prince onscreen.