Sep 23, 2013

Ram Gopal Varma for Pawan as leader but not as hero

Pawan, RGV
Ram Gopal Varma, the ever sensational director in news has at last made his views clear on Power star Pawan Kalyan. RGV is famous for his tweets and even his tweets has so much fans as his films. Recently RGV tweeted praising Pawan Kalyan. Rumours spread that RGV is making tweets praising Power star to get Pawan dates for a movie. But RGV in an interview with a leading daily said that he will never make a movie Pawan. The reason he said was that his style of film making will not suit Pawan’s image and he can’t satisfy the huge fan base of Pawan with his direction style.

Though RGV did not go for Pawan dates, stood by his tweets on Pawan’s leadership skills. He said that Pawan has the charishma of Bal Thackery and if he starts a political party it will definitely rewrite history.