Sep 19, 2013

Potugadu Telugu Movie Review

Cast: Manchu Manoj, Anu Priya, Sakshi Chowdhary, Simran Kaur Mundi, Rachel, Posani Krishnamurali, Chandramohan
Direction: Pavan Wadeyar
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes

Story: The only competition Govind (Manoj) perhaps has is the eel. He falls in love - not once, but several times - and manages to survive like the slithering creature even out of water. Shedding his skin like a snake and shaking off his past, he goes on with life like there was no yesterday. But just `one yesterday' haunts him and he hits the bottle. His woes are because of the bottle, though. And you laugh your heart out.

Movie Review: Govind (Manchu Manoj) is handed over a bundle of cash by Shastri (Chandramohan), his grandfather who is a pujari. Shastri gives him the money to elope with the girl he loves. Govind is elated that he has a 'modern' grandfather. Much as he likes the Vaidehi (Simran Kaur Mundi), the smell of the currency notes Rs one lakh in all - turns his heart after from the girl. He thinks he can make much better use of the money than getting married to the girl. Disgusting man, you'd say. There's no remorse in him. Next, he dumps Stacy (Rachel), a 'gori' stealing her from her boyfriend. Govind first sets his eyes on the diamond ring that her boyfriend had gifted her. He is successful in attracting the girl to himself just in the hope that she will give him that diamond ring so that he can buy a big car after selling it. It doesn't materialise. She tells him she threw away the ring. He throws her away out of his life. You'd want to describe him as shameless. Nothing can affect him; leave alone your impression about him. When he meets Mumtaz (Sakshi Chowdhury), he is drawn to her. She reciprocates. But they soon separate.

A drunk Govind brags with his friends that he will have no hesitation to dump her if a don that he knows sets his eyes on her. Mumtaz is hurt with such talk. She asks him to go take a walk. Of course, you'd want to take Mumtaz' side and tell her she did the right thing. Our man feels the only thing right that is to be done is go on with life. He finds someone who he thinks can be his wife. Mary (Anu Priya) takes care of orphan girls giving them coaching in sports they want to excel. She's the one he will tie the knot with. But he's caught by the police. Govind realises his life has been tied in knots. What gets him behind bars and how he wriggles out of his problem forms the rest of the story. Right from the word go, the movie promises laughter and much more of it. Double meaning dialogues flow like there's no stopping them and they affect the otherwise clean fun. Manchu Manoj does a splendid job with his performance and tickles your funny bone, with his actions and spontaneity. He's got it in him to grab your attention. He's composed the stunts too and impresses. Posani Krishnamurali as a software engineer (Venkat) repeats his style. Never mind. Director Pavan Wadeyar makes the movie a visual treat also especially the lilting melody 'Pyar Me Padi Poya'.