Aug 2, 2013

Tamannaah support of 'Jai Samaikyandhra'

Jai India says Tamannaah

Actor Tamannaah was in for a nasty surprise on Friday morning, when she landed at the Visakhapatnam airport. The actor, who is in the city to shoot for a film, came face-to-face with Samaikyandhra supporters protesting the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. The demonstrators, who gathered outside the Vizag airport to protest against the decision to create Telangana, spotted Tamannaah and demanded she say a few words in support of Samaikyandhra.

Unafraid of the huge gathering of protesters, Tamannaah took a stand, saying, "I'm an Indian, I don't condone such actions." Further, when the protesters demanded the actor chant 'Jai Samaikyandhra', the gutsy lady said, "Jai India," and walked off, leaving the huge crowd of protesters gob-smacked. Airport security cleared the mob, later.