Aug 25, 2013

Anthaku Mundu Aa Tharuvatha Movie Review

Cast: Sumanth Ashwin, Esha, Rao Ramesh, Rohini, Roja, Ravi Babu
Direction: Mohan Krishna Indraganti
Genre: Romance
Duration: 2 hours 31 minutes

Story: Despite being in love, Anil (Sumanth) and Ananya (Esha) can't figure out if they are really made for each other. So they decide to live in together to find out.

Movie Review: Good old fashioned, syrupy, well intentioned romance - that is free of innuendos and double entendres i.e. - has become a rarity in Tollywood off late. This movie offers a surfeit of such moments. In what turns out to be their second date, Ananya takes Anil to a hill overlooking Hi-Tech city on a moonlit night and serves him instant noodles and coffee, just to help the guy understand the meaning of romantic outing. The couple spends the night just admiring the night sky.

In another episode, Anil drives out to a far away lotus pond on a rainy morning, takes a swim, gathers some choicest lotuses just to wish Ananya (who is watching it all via a video call) happy birthday after which a rain song follows.

It isn't just the romance but the characters are honey dipped as well. Anil is the son of a wealthy flower merchant from Rajamundry, who moves to Hyderabad ostensibly to expand their business. In reality though, he just wants and to live up the city life. Anil is attracted to Ananya the moment he sees her when a focus light lands on her face, while she is helping set up the light ambience of a wedding mandap. A string few honey dipped romantic episodes and songs later the duo admits love to each other and then comes the twist in the tale when Ananya comes up the subject of marriage.

Doubts begin to crop up. Are they really made for each other? Will romance last a life time? So they decide to play "amma nanna aata" (Telugu for that game children play where they act as a married couple). They move into an apartment to live together and find out if they are compatible enough to last a life together and soon the romance begins to make way for acrimony. Meanwhile their respective parents also have their share of marriage issues which only complicate matters.

Simply put the filmmaker has designed the movie like an academic thesis on what constitutes romantic compatibility, starting from courtship, commitment, living in and marriage.

The writing is simple, sharp, witty and hard hitting depending on the situation. The boldness and maturity with which issues of premarital sex, women's menstrual cycles is commendable. The artwork in the movie also deserves a special mention as well. Every property used looks very real and adds that sense of believability to the proceedings. The visuals are pleasing much like the music. Both Sumanth and Esha have carried off their roles very believably and fit the bill perfectly. It all adds up to make a pleasant viewing experience.