Jan 4, 2012

No money for 'Kolaveri di' Dhanush

'Kolaveri di' might have become a landmark on the 2011 music calendar, but unfortunately, the man behind the popular number - Dhanush - is unable to reap any monetary benefit out of the situation.

Apparently, Dhanush sold the rights for 'Kolaveri' to Sony Music for a pittance, not knowing how far the song was fated to go. And now when there are various versions of the number making their way around the world (in Pakistan, as well), Dhanush's family and friends are dismayed at his meagre income from the deal.

In fact, there is nothing the South star can do to curb the myriad versions of 'Kolaveri' that are floating around. Also, he has no control over the various versions of the song that the actor has served up for future release. Shockingly the Hindi version of 'Kolaveri' is out of Dhanush's hands.

The star-singer told a tabloid, "I can't release any version of 'Kolaveri' without Sony's approval. And I'll have to share every version of the song with them. So essentially I'll get paid only for my singing. Like the Tamil version, the Hindi version of 'Kolaveri' is with Sony Music. There's nothing I can do about it."

About not retaining the rights for the song, Dhanush said, "Who knew the song would go so far? But it's okay. I don't regret it. I am content with what I've got from this song. And what I've got is priceless."