Dec 12, 2010

Ram Charan returns his ‘Orange’ remuneration back?

Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s latest release ‘Orange’ has hit the silver screens with huge expectations. Though the film has received mixed response initially, it has later turned out as a disaster at the Box-Office. The major reason behind the film’s disaster is due to its poor content though the film is visually rich in its technical and other aspects.

Naga Babu, producer of ‘Orange’ has incurred a heavy loss of more than 10 crores and Naga Babu has outburst upon the new directors at the ‘Mirapakay’ audio release. If sources are to be believed, Ram Charan is said to have returned back his remuneration 4 crores to Naga Babu in order to reduce little burden to his uncle.
Chiranjeevi & Ramcharn Teja Reallife Photos